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Silicate Marble Polishing ServiceToday, we are going to learn about the Silicate Marble Polishing Service. What does a silicate polish service entail? Our professional Rahul Marble Polishing Expert will guide you through the service’s requirements, benefits, and working process. Firstly, we define the Silicate Diamond Marble Polishing Service.

What is the Silicate Marble Polishing Service?

The Silicate Marble Polishing Service is a process that uses specific chemicals to rejuvenate the marble surface. Silicate polishing not only makes your marble floors look better, but it also prolongs their lives by making them less susceptible to scratches and spots.

Why do we need silicate marble polishing services?

  • Soft marbles include Statuario, Botticino, Bianco Carrara, and Perlatto. Some softer rocks are hard to polish. The continuous wear and tear of everyday usage rapidly dulls delicate marbles. Sharpening these stones is conceivable. The polisher must harden the marble to withstand wear and polishing.
  • Sodium- or lithium-ion silicon molecules form silicates. These small particles mingle with marble molecules in the stone. After the alteration, the rock is thicker, stronger, and tougher.
  • The most effective chemical in this category is lithium, because its molecules are smaller than sodium’s and penetrate and harden better.
  • Soft marble floors can benefit from silicate polishing.

Benefits of Silicate Marble Services: 

  1. To get a shine on soft marble, you have to use silicate polishing.
  2.  Silicate-polished marbles take four times more than diamond-polished marbles.
  3. Polished silicate marble is more resistant to chips, cracks, and liquids.
  4. Marble polished with silicon cleaning reduces the need for frequent polishing, resulting in less disruption. This is very helpful for places that do business.

How do you polish silicate marble?

  • Metal-bonded diamond grinding for flawless flatness
  • We are repairing and grinding using 60 resin-bonded diamond pads. We are also performing additional grinding with 100 diamonds to eliminate any blemishes.
  • Applying a silicate/lithium mixture to the stone and letting it cure for 12 to 24 hours ensures that the marble absorbs it correctly.
  • Using 200-800 diamonds for grinding
  • We fill any porosity in the stone by using silicate or lithium, then let it dry.
  • The refinement ranges from 1000 to 3000 diamonds.
  • To get gloss, scrub and then buff with polishing powder.
  • Shampooing and polishing are necessary to achieve a glossy finish.

You will finally be able to enjoy a glossy, shiny marble floor, enhancing its quality. Our Rahul Marble Polishing Company provides all kinds of floor polishing services. Contact us to learn more about us.

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